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Media Coverage On NOKEP & Stuf Productions

Here you'll find media coverage on The Next of Kin Education Project, Stuf & our legislative efforts including the Next of Kin Laws.


NOKEP Milestones
10 years.  Amazing milestones.  It's been quite a journey!   See where we've come from as we work to improve patient safety and rollout our disaster prep system to families all over the world.

About Us Page

Our Family's Experience with Emergency Notification


Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. Introducing the Next of Kin Bill in the House Chamber

Watch as Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. Introduces the Elaine Sullivan Act/Next of Kin Bill into the House of Representatives



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Here you'll find videos on subjects including Hurricane, Tornado and Evacuation planning and preparation and this one, Leeza Gibbons speaking on behalf of our Next of Kin Law.


Our Latest Articles

Here you'll find articles on subjects including: Keeping your Family and College Student safe in nearly any situation, Patient Safety, Enhancing Communication and Quick & Easy Next of Kin Notification


Dealing with Specific Types of Disasters

Guides and videos on staying safe during and preparing for Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Fires, College Dorm Checklists & Safety.


Feature Film “Without Consent”

Because Jan and Laura Greenwald are screen/television writers, they decided to use their background to bring their experiences to life.  By sharing what they went through, they hope to keep other families from having to live through the same nightmare.  “Without Consent” which is fictionalized but based on actual experiences, is a screenplay for a feature film that is already attracting attention from actors and producers.  

Safer Family Action Plan appears on 

The Action Plan was featured as a resource for NBC’s miniseries 10.5 Apocalypse on the NBC web site.  This ONLY resource featured, the downloadable plan was made available to all viewers who want to know how to make their families safer in case of disaster or other emergency.






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